Making It In The
Art World

New Approaches to Galleries, Shows, and Raising Money

Learn how today’s artists survive, exhibit, and earn money, without selling out. This book explains how to be a professional artist with new methods to define and realize what success means. Whether you’re a beginner, a student, or a career artist looking to be in the best museum shows, this book provides ways of advancing your plans on any level.

Making It in the Art World is an invaluable resource for artists at every stage, offering readers a plethora of strategies and helpful tips to plan and execute a successful career in the arts. Topics include how to evaluate your own work, how to submit art, how to present work to the public, how to get funding, and much more.

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If you order Making It in the Art World: 2021 (revised 2nd edition) before June 7th, 2021, you unlock a treasure chest of special bonuses below.

This book is designed for artists living anywhere in the world and includes post pandemic practices that are essential in this time. All the past books on the subject of artists careers do not take into account 2020 and what must be done differently in 2021.

The pages of this book start with different income models for artists, and end with the attitude you need to make it in the art world: how to maintain that level of feeling good every day, so you can work on your career on a regular basis and your enthusiasm rubs off on patrons.

In between, you’ll discover the new ways artists are sharing work and building relationships in a post pandemic world...all the way to what happens to your work after you’re dead (and how to manage it while you are living)! 

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I encourage you to read his book

"Brainard has the innate gift of intuition, as well as his personal experience that he provides to the reader with processes that enrich and empower our lives. I encourage you to read his book and work with the workbook to propel yourself forward... It's a gift!  

As I first began reading Brainard's book, I was totally impressed by the way he approached being a professional artist through empowering thought processes. He has an incredible way of providing tools to help you to undergo the process to make it happen for yourself as an artist without giving your power away to anyone else. He guides you into thinking outside of the box, letting go of your preconceived conditioned beliefs in regard to the difficulties of achieving your goals.  

I have always helped others with marketing approaches but it is so different when you must promote yourself. I have gained more confidence in how I need to present myself, the risks I will need to take and their execution.  

Thank you Brainard... I am excited about becoming a detective and going for it all...." - GM, Amazon Review

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If you preorder Making It in the Art World: 2021 before June 7th, 2021, you will receive the following exclusive bonuses.

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For anyone who orders Making It in the Art World: 2021 BEFORE JUNE 7th, 2021, you will get:

  • VIP invitation to a 30 min live master class at on getting art collectors to look at your art (with a list of 120 collectors and their contact info)
  • Lifetime access to the replay so you can revisit it in your pajamas 
  • “Cliff notes” or “Shmoop” of the book (not available anywhere else) so you can read it like a college student on a bender


If you order 2 or more copies before  JUNE 7th, 2021, you’ll also get:

  • Bonus book chapter not available anywhere else - 30 pages of distilled wisdom for 1,600 interviews with artists, curators, collectors and art advisers
  • “Cliff notes” to the best lectures and curators I hosted at the Artist Roundtable for Praxis Center Members, including presentations by curators from MoMa to Berlin as well as art consultants that can sell your work for you.

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Preorder Making It in the Art World: 2021 at any online retailer or your local brick and mortar bookstore before June 7th 2021. Then send a screenshot or photo of your receipt to

What others have to say about Making It in the Art World:


A Liberating book

This book is inspirational and liberating. I wish that it had existed 20 years ago.... better late than never! There is lots of very practical advice but the main thing is that it really makes you focus in on your Art and your message and helps you see clearly your own path to take to share your vision with the world. If you are on a path already and feeling insecure and unsteady read this book it will give you that extra push. This is not just a book for Artists this is a book for everyone. - Maise


Amazingly Helpful

"Brainard's wisdom and know-how has dramatically changed the course of my art career for the better. He sheds light on a seemingly opaque journey for artists and provides the practical tools for crafting a working career that art schools (unfortunately) fail to teach. This book is invaluable! If you feel overwhelmed, scared, or simply confused about how to proceed as an artist start here. Brainard has done it himself and has learned a great deal along the way. Luckily, we all get to benefit from his savvy." - D. Durch


A real backstage tour of the art world

Every page of this book is filled with sincere advice from an artist that really cares about the success of others. Every detail is laid out carefully for you and he gives you the confidence that success is obtainable if you are willing to do the legwork. His approace is very practicle and clear. This book isn't full of grey areas that leave you thinking that" it would work for somebody else but not me". He makes it so simple and takes you through the process step by step. There isn't anyone helping artists the way he is. - Amazon Review

A Word From The Author

“I am so excited about this book, I think it is the most useful and valuable book I have ever written, and it is thanks to the artists, curators, dealers and art consultants that I continue to interview for all this new and useful information”
-- Brainard Carey